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News related to the California Hydrogen Network


True Zero Opens the Largest Hydrogen Network in the World with Unprecedented Speed, April 27, 2016



VIDEO - The Sunday Times: Welcome to California's Hydrogen Highway, November 30, 2015



Honda Supporting California Hydrogen Network with Financial Support to FirstElement Fuel, November 19, 2014



VIDEO - AutoNews Now: Ewanick bets big on hydrogen, November 18, 2014



Ewanick's next bold bet: Hydrogen stations, November 17, 2014



Will the most common molecule in the universe be the fuel of the future? November 18, 2014



FirstElement Fuel’s $25.5 Million Deal with Air Products is Largest Ever of Its Kind—Moves the World’s First Hydrogen Network Off the Drawing Board and into Reality, October 6, 2014



FirstElement Fuel Finalizes California Grant and Recruits Builder of Battery EV Chargers Black & Veatch for Hydrogen Network, August 5, 2014



California prepares for hydrogen fuel stations, August 5, 2014



First Element Sees Five-Year Path to Profitability, August 5, 2014



VIDEO: Hydrogen Fuel: What it Will Cost, Where it Will Come From - Autoline on the Road CAR MBS 2014, August 5, 2014



Fuel-Cell Cars Are Going To Get A Big Boost In California Next Year, July 9, 2014



Toyota moving in favor of hydrogen fuel cells, May 20, 2014



Climate change is clear and present danger, says landmark US report, May 4, 2014



VIDEO: AutoNews Now, FirstElement Fuel scored a $27.6 Million grant from the California Energy Commission, May 2, 2014



Ewanick's Calif. startup wins $27.6M grant for hydrogen filling stations, May 1, 2014



Toyota Collaborates with FirstElement, Providing Financial Assistance ..., May 1, 2014



Toyota Joins California Hydrogen Push in Station Funding, May 1, 2014



Hyundai's fuel cell car seeks Prius moment, April 28, 2014



In green car race, Toyota adds muscle with fuel-cell launch, April 17, 2014



California plans for a hydrogen future, April 15, 2014



Paris offers free public transport to reduce severe smog, May 14, 2014



QUEST TV: Highway to Hydrogen, March 11, 2014



Hyundai Motor introduces Intrado, February 26, 2014



China pollution: Beijing smog masks tallest building, February 25, 2014



CES 2014: Toyota shows off fuel cell car, January 6, 2014,0,884109.story#axzz2wZdsOSe7



Shanghai Has Become A Smog-Filled Dystopian Nightmare, December 6, 2013


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